cWhat is a Free Walking Tour? How to do it for free in Cusco?

The Free Walking Tour, translated from English, means ‘Free Walking Tour’. These types of tours are fashionable in the world. It is possible to do them in the most touristic cities such as Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, London, Berlin and, of course, the city of Cusco in Peru. It consists of visiting on foot the main tourist monuments of a city, always in the company of a tourist guide. At the end the tourist rewards the guide with a free tip. Learn more!

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What is a Free Walking Tour?

The Free Walking Tour is a type of tour that spans the world and consists of walking through the main tourist attractions of a city, always in the company of a tour guide.

Free Walking Tour comes from a set of words that, translated from English, mean ‘Free Walking Tour’.

The Free Walking Tour can last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the agent you hire. Reservations are generally made online. The tour guide in charge of accompanying tourists may or may not be professional.

The service includes a visit to the main free tourist attractions in the city. Does not include tickets and means of transportation. It is usually done in multiple languages, including English.

At the end of the walking tour, tourists reward the tour guide with a free tip. This tip may vary according to the quality of the service offered.

Free Walking Tours are in fashion all over the world. They are already present in the main tourist cities of the world, mainly in Europe. However, there are already tourist agencies that offer it in Latin America. There are even different services in Cusco and Peru


How to do a Free Walking Tour in Cusco

In Cusco it is possible to do the Free Walking Tour for free in Cusco. There is more than one tour company to contact, mainly online.

However, in the city’s Plaza de Armas there are also operators who contact tourists in person.

The experience may vary depending on the tour company you choose. Some offer professional guides, others do not. The duration of the tour and the places to visit may also vary depending on the type of service chosen. Choose the best option!

What places can I visit free in Cusco?

These are some of the places you can visit during the Free Walking Tour in the city of Cusco:

  • Plaza de Armas of Cusco – The main square of Cusco is the point where most tourists congregate. It is wide, with various tourist services around it such as jewelry stores, restaurants, hotels and handicrafts. During the Inca times, the square was called Huacaypata and it was up to five times bigger.
  • Cusco Cathedral – The Cusco Cathedral is the most important colonial temple in the region. Its construction began in 1560 and lasted for more than a hundred years (until 1664). It is made up of three temples: the Temple of Triumph, the Temple of the Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral. It has a mestizo baroque architecture of great beauty.
  • Coricancha Temple – The Coricancha was the most important Inca temple during the Inca period. Its name means ‘place of gold’. Its walls are the most perfect built by the Incas. On these the Spanish built the church and convent of Santo Domingo.
  • Stone of the 12 Angles – The Stone of the 12 Angles is a popular structure belonging to a wall of the palace of Inca Roca. It is a few steps from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Visitors are amazed by the perfection of its carving in its twelve corners. It is one of the places most photographed by tourists.
  • Cusicancha Palace – The Cusicancha was an Inca palace of great beauty but the passage of time has deteriorated. The chronicles indicate that the future emperor Pachacutec was born there. The bases of its fine walls are still visible. Today, tickets to Machu Picchu are sold there.
  • San Pedro Market – The San Pedro market is the oldest and most popular in the city of Cusco. It is in front of the colonial church of the same name, about 750 meters on foot from the Plaza de Armas. There are grocery stalls and handicrafts at a good price. It offers tourists a unique cultural experience.

What others free tours can I do free in Cusco?

In addition to the classic Free Walking Tour, in the city of Cusco you can take other similar free tours, such as:

  • Free Tour to Cusco Museums – This tour offers a cultural experience in Cusco by visiting the Natural History Museum, the Inka Museum and the Santa Catalina Convent Museum. This allows to know the historical development of Cusco, before, during and after the Incas. The tour takes approximately 2 hours.
  • Free Tour to Inca Site of Inkilltambo – This tour offers an adventure to the Inca temple of Inkilltambo, located just outside the city of Cusco. It includes a short 30-minute walk surrounded by natural Andean landscapes. Inkilltambo has Inca constructions such as terraces, walls, roads and even religious sites.

Frequent questions about the Free Walking Tour in Cusco

What is a Free Walking Tour?

A Free Walking Tour (translated from English ‘Free Walking Tour’) is a fashionable tourist service in the world that consists of offering a free walking tour of the main tourist attractions of a certain city.

How much does the Free Walking Tour cost? It’s free?

The Free Walking Tour is free. However, at the end of the service, the tourist provides a free tip to the tour guide who accompanied him in the service.

Are the Free Walking Tour guides professionals?

Some Free Walking Tours include professional guides while others do not.

Can I do the Free Walking Tour in Cusco?

Yes, in Cusco there are several companies that offer the Free Walking Tour service.

How long does the Free Walking Tour in Cusco last?

In Cusco these types of free tours last between 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the chosen company.

What places will I visit on the Free Walking Tour Cusco?

The most visited places on the Free Walking Tour Cusco are: the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Coricancha, the Stone of the 12 Angles, the Cusicancha palace and the San Pedro market.

What are the hours of the Free Walking Tour Cusco?

The Free Walking Tour schedules vary depending on the company chosen. They are usually from 9 am to 6 pm.

Can I do other free tours in Cusco?

Yes, there are other free services in Cusco similar to the Free Walking Tour. The most famous are: the free tour to the museums of Cusco and the free tour to the Inca site of Inkilltambo.

How much should I tip on the Free Walking Tour?

At the end of the Free Walking Tour, the tourist provides a free tip to the tour guide who accompanied him. This tip is free and may vary according to the quality of the service. Usually it can range from 5 dollars to 50 dollars.

Is the Free Walking Tour a good service?

Yes, the Free Walking Tour is a service that has become popular and professional throughout the world. Today it is a great alternative for cheap tourism. cheer up!

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Inti Raymi is the festival of the sun that dates back to the time of the Incas. Today in the city of Cusco, the residents rescued this tradition from their ancestors to perform an impressive staging every June 24 in three stages: the Coricancha, the Plaza de Armas and Sacsayhuaman. Although there are admission tickets for these shows, it is also possible to see them for free. Learn more!
The Sapantiana aqueduct in Cusco is one of the most recent free tourist attractions in Cusco. It is a colonial construction with high walls and arches, down whose stairs the water of a channeled stream descends. This allows you to get excellent photographs of the place. Entry to this construction is free for all visitors. Getting there is also free since you can go on foot. Learn more!
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