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Visit Inkilltambo, an Inca archaeological site with a lot of history and in a good state of conservation. The tour includes a short route on foot through Inca trails (qhapac ñan) and surrounded by Andean landscapes of great scenic beauty. In Inkilltambo you will be able to appreciate agricultural terraces, stone enclosures, water channels and even mysterious temples. The tour is free. It is carried out together with a professional tour guide. It lasts approximately 3 hours. It starts in the city of Cusco and ends right there (in the Regocijo square). It is a new and recommended Free Walking Tour. Combine history and adventure. Take advantage of!



Professional bilingual tour guide (Spanish and English).
Daily departures 9 am.
Punctual start in Plaza Regocijo (a few steps from the Plaza de Armas).
Tour of approximately 3 hours.
Free tickets to Inkilltambo.
Short route through Inca trails (qhapac ñan).
Personalized groups of up to 8 tourists.


The Inca site of Inkilltambo was a temple that worshiped water, an abundant element in its canals and terraces. It was also part of the Inca ceque system (system of imaginary lines that included the most important religious sites of the empire). Today the entrance to Inkilltambo is free for all tourists. However, the best way to visit it is within a Free Walking Tour and in the company of a professional tour guide. This tour lasts 3 hours on average. It includes an incredible walk through Inca trails (part of the famous qhapac ñan). During the visit you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Cusco. Take advantage of this tour and get to know Inkilltambo!


During this tour you will visit Inkilltambo, an Inca religious site of great importance. You can also walk part of the network of Inca roads, the qhapac ñan. On the route you will enjoy an Andean landscape full of trees, Inca constructions and more. Enjoy one of the best Free Walking Tours in Cusco!
Inca site of Inkilltambo
Inkilltambo is only 7 kilometers outside the city of Cusco. It was a religious site that has platforms, terraces, canals, paths, stone enclosures and even temples. Admission is free for all tourists. It is a little known Inca site but one that captivates its visitors.
Inca trails (qhapac ñan)
The route that leads to Inkilltambo includes a section along the famous Inca trails, the qhapac ñan (the walk takes approximately 30 minutes). These roads covered a total of 30 thousand kilometers through countries such as Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. They are considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Incredible Andean landscapes
Both Inkilltambo and the route through Inca roads that lead there; They are surrounded by Andean landscapes of great scenic beauty. The tourist will also appreciate different types of trees, flowers, birds and even Inca constructions that few know. Get your camera ready and appreciate incredible Andean landscapes!


The Free Walking Tour Cusco in Inkilltambo starts in the Plaza Regocijo del Cusco (a few steps from the Plaza de Armas). There we will walk a few minutes to the public bus station (cost of only 1 Peruvian sol or 0.3 dollars) that will take us in almost 30 minutes to the starting point of the walk. The route is along Inca trails (qhapac ñan) and takes another 30 minutes on average. At the end we will arrive at Inkilltambo, a site of great religious importance in the Inca era. The guide will accompany us on the tour of this archaeological site. At the end we will return along the Inca roads until we board the buses that will return us to the center of the city of Cusco. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours. Combine history, adventure and beautiful landscapes!


These are some of the most beautiful postcards you can get during the Free Walking Tour Cusco in Inkilltambo. You too dare to do the best free tour in Cusco!


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Inkilltambo is located just 7 kilometers from the city of Cusco. It is located in the archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman. You get there first with a bus ride and then on foot along the Inca trails.
Yes, the tour can be carried out in both Spanish and English.
The free tour to the Inca site of Inkilltambo is carried out from 2 visitors minimum to 8 visitors maximum. In this way, a more personalized service is achieved for the benefit of tourists.
Yes, the tour can be done all year round. It is recommended to bring a poncho in case of rain as well as sunscreen and a hat.
During the tour you must bring with you: a poncho in case of rain, hat, sunscreen, rehydrating drink, cash, documents and whatever the tourist agrees.
Yes. The cancellation must be made one day in advance through the email
The tour begins with the meeting of the tourists in the Plaza Regocijo (just a few steps from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco). After approximately 3 hours of tour, it ends in the city center (near the main restaurants and tourist hotels).
No. The route to Inkilltambo is safe. It is recommended to pay attention to the paths. The tour is suitable for people of all ages.


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Vanessa A. (Bolivia)
Vanessa A. (Bolivia)
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“Gracias a mis amigos. Hice un free tour y, de paso, el city tour. Me lo recomendaron y ahora yo los recomiendo. Bonito todo en esta hermosa ciudad”.
Gustavo A. (Argentina)
Gustavo A. (Argentina)
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“Hice con vos mi City Tour y me salió bien barato por un buen servicio. Les doy mil gracias y les deseo todo la mejor de las suertes”.
Romina G. (México)
Romina G. (México)
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“Un saludo desde el DF para mi guía. Me explicó muy bien cada uno de los lugares que visitamos. Pronto espero volver!”
Mathew F. (USA)
Mathew F. (USA)
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“It was a good service. Puntual and entertained. Many thanks to all of you”.