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Visit the second most visited tourist destination in Cusco (only after Machupicchu). The 7-color mountain is visited every day by thousands of people from all over the world. The tour, one of the cheapest in Cuzco, includes pick-up from the tourist’s hotel, full round trip transportation, buffet breakfast and lunch, as well as professional tour guide service. The tour lasts 11 hours. It begins in the city of Cusco at averaging 7 in the morning and ends in the same place at averaging 6 in the afternoon. Take advantage and get that dream photo!

Economic Price!

Professional bilingual tour guide (Spanish and English).
Complete tourist transport.
Pick up at your hotel in Cusco (at 7 am on average).
Buffet breakfast and lunch.
Discounts for Peruvian tourists.
Trekking poles.
First aid kit.
Entrance to the mountain 7 colors (10 foreign soles / 5 Peruvian soles).
Transfer on horseback.


The tour to the 7-color mountain is carried out in a 1-day service (11 hours) with everything included: pick-up, transportation, guide, breakfast and lunch. Only the entrance ticket to the mountain is not included, which can be purchased on the same trip. The service begins at 7 am with the pick up of the tourist at the door of his hotel. Then the trip begins to Cusipata where you have breakfast and, later, lunch. The final walk to Vinicunca takes approximately 2 hours. The time is enough!


By enhancing the tour, tourists will be able to enjoy incredible landscapes, the best of the local flora and fauna and, most importantly, the majestic 7-color mountain, Vinicunca. Learn more!
mountain 7 colors
The Vinicunca or mountain 7 colors is an incredible landscape. It is situated at 5,200 meters above sea level. Its outer layer shows various colors that give it fame. The final walk there takes about 2 hours. The option on horseback is for an extra payment
Incredible Andean landscapes
The route to the 7-color mountain allows you to appreciate incredible Andean landscapes such as the chain of mountains that make up the snowy Salkantay (the second highest in Cusco). On the route there are forests of molles, eucalyptus and a mountain sky that is worth appreciating
High Andean flora and fauna
During the visit to the 7 colors mountain, with a bit of luck, the tourist will be able to appreciate the characteristic flora and fauna of the high Andean geographies. Birds, llamas, alpacas, vizcachas and more stand out. Eucalyptus, molle and icchu forests are also seen on the route.


The tour begins with the pick up of the tourist at the door of his hotel between 6:30 and 7 in the morning. Then a trip is made in a tourist minivan to the town of Cusipata. There tourists will stop for 1 hour to enjoy a buffet breakfast with delicious and nutritious Andean ingredients. Then the trip continues for another hour until arriving at the Phulawasipata camp. There the walk begins (optional horseback route for an extra cost in the same place). The route is approximately 2 hours. It is short but not impossible. The guide will accompany the group to Vinicunca. There he will solve the doubts of the visitors and offer time to get excellent photos. The return path follows the same route. Back in Cusipata, we will stop for a buffet lunch. Finally, we will travel in tourist transport to the city of Cusco. There, at 6 pm on average, the tour ends.


These are some of the photos you can get during your visit to the 7-color mountain


The tour does not include the entrance ticket to the 7-color mountain. This ticket is purchased in the same place through the tour guide. Learn more!
Entrance ticket to the mountain 7 colors
The entrance ticket to Vinicunca (mountain 7 colors) is not included in the tour. This ticket costs 10 soles for foreigners and 5 soles for Peruvians. It begins with the pick up in the city of Cusco at 7 in the morning on average. It ends around 6 p.m. The ticket to Vinicunca can be purchased during the trip.


These are the most frequently asked questions that tourists interested in the City Tour Cusco send us. You have doubts? You can also ask your question to

Yes, but due to the difficult route (few public transport services), it is best to visit Vinicunca with an all-inclusive tour. This can save money and achieve a better experience.
Yes, the tour to the 7 colors mountain is carried out in a ‘shared’ service (the tourist together with other visitors). The guide carries out the guidance in Spanish and English languages. For a service in another language, you can hire a ‘private’ tour at
No, the tour does not include the final transfer on horseback. This service can be purchased in the same place after coordination with a muleteer (local resident). On average, the one-way service costs 90 soles.
Yes, the tour to the 7-color mountain can be done every day of the year, except in cases of emergencies. From January to March the mountain is usually covered with snow (blocking the landscape view).
Do you plan to do the tour to the mountain 7 colors? This is what you should bring: comfortable sportswear in several layers (polo, sweater, jacket). Trek shoes, hat, sunscreen, snacks, rehydrating drinks, personal documents, cash (in soles) and whatever you think is necessary.
The tour includes buffet breakfast and lunch at a local restaurant in the town of Cusipata. Breakfast offers breads, infusions, coffee, milk, jam, yogurt, fruits, coca leaves and more. Lunch, meanwhile, offers: pasta, rice, meat, beans, potatoes, quinoa, infusions and more. All made by trained chefs!
The tour to the 7-color mountain begins between 6:30 and 7 in the morning with the pick-up of the tourist at the door of his hotel. If your hotel is not in the historic center of the city, you only have to coordinate a central point for the day of your pick-up. The tour ends at an average of 6 pm in a central square to the main restaurants and tourist hotels in the city.


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Vanessa A. (Bolivia)
Vanessa A. (Bolivia)
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"Thanks to my friends. I did a free tour and, incidentally, the city tour. They recommended it to me and now I recommend them. Everything is beautiful in this beautiful city ”.
Gustavo A. (Argentina)
Gustavo A. (Argentina)
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“I did my City Tour with you and it was very cheap for a good service. I thank you very much and wish you all the best of luck ”.
Romina G. (México)
Romina G. (México)
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“Greetings from Mexico City for my guide. He explained each of the places we visited very well. I hope to return soon! ".
Mathew F. (USA)
Mathew F. (USA)
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“It was a good service. Puntual and entertained. Many thanks to all of you”.