About Us


Offer a free but quality service through the main streets and monuments of the Historic Center of Cusco.

Provide quality and safe information for the traveler who wants to know Cusco and its main tourist attractions.

Provide a modern and easy-to-navigate website for visitors.


Become the number one brand in offering the service of ‘Free tours’ through the city of Cusco.

Improve our service constantly to provide a quality service to all tourists who hire our services.

Keep up to date with new technologies as well as new trends in quality tourism worldwide.


Offer an excellent tourist service for visitors who trust us.

Comply with all health protocols to prevent any type of disease.

Organize the best free tours of ‘Free Tours’ in the city of Cusco.

Policies as a company

We offer an easy-to-navigate web page so that visitors can make their free reservation transparently and quickly. For this we have highly qualified web programming specialists.

Execute our service with punctuality and respect at all times. For that we constantly train our tourist staff. In addition, all our guides are certified professionals who have their respective documents.

Respect, care for and preserve the historic buildings of the city of Cusco.

Protect the environment and collaborate with strengthening the values ​​in the city of Cusco.