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Free Walking Tour Cusco.

Free Tour at the Inca site of Inkilltambo.

Free Tour in the museums of Cusco.

Free Tour in the museums of Cusco.

Professional tour guide Spanish and English.

Professional tour guide Spanish and English.

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Free tour (based on tips).

Free tours?

¿Tour Gratis?

The free tours consist of walking through different places in Cusco that hide a story to tell. You can do a classic Free Walking Tour or other free tours. In the end, tourists can reward the service with tips according to the quality of the service received. Cheer up!

Tours available

Take the classic Free Walking Tour Cusco, the new tour to the Inca site of Inkilltambo or the recommended tour of the museums of Cusco. All services are free with the company of a professional tour guide. Take advantage and enjoy Cusco for free!

What will I see?

The tour includes the temples and squares that no one should miss on their visit to Cusco. You can also consult with your tour guide about your doubts about the trip to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, the rainbow mountain and more.

Cusco Museums
Cusco Museums
Take a special free tour of the main museums of Cusco. See Inca ceramics, pre-Inca textiles, colonial-era artwork, and more. And all together with a professional tour guide! Take advantage of!

Questions and answers

Do you have any doubts about the free tour? These are the most frequently asked questions by visitors. You can also ask your question at
The service is carried out in spanish and english.
Yes, the reservation is made only through our website. Once registered you will receive a confirmation message to your mail.
Each group leaves with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 tourists. Thus it is possible to carry out a more pleasant and personalized service
No, the tour does not include bars or restaurants. All the service is free
Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes, a poncho or umbrella (in case of rain), sunscreen, a hat (or cap), rehydrating water and a camera to capture the best postcards of the tour
Yes, the contact number is important as you will be notified one hour before the start of the tour through this number
Yes, people in a wheelchair can take this tour. The streets of the historic center of Cusco are safe. In addition, the tour guide will support you regarding your easy and accessible tour.
Yes, all the guides are certified professionals with extensive experience in the tourism sector. The service is 100% professional!
The amount of the tip at the end of the tour depends on the type of service you received. Tourists usually leave between 10 to 50 peruvian soles per person.
The service begins with the meeting in the Regocijo square (see map) a few steps from the Cusco main square. The end point is at the inca temple of Coricancha, also in the historic center of the city.