Covid FAQs

In this section we will answer the most frequently asked questions sent to us by our visitors in relation to the prevention of Covid 19 in our services.

  1. Is the use of masks mandatory?

Yes, the use of masks is mandatory for the duration of this regulation stipulated by the Government of Peru.

  1. Do I need a vaccination card to do the tour?

No, it is not necessary to carry a vaccination card to make the ‘Free Tour Cusco’.

  1. How many people will there be in my group?

Each group is made up of a maximum of 10 tourists.

  1. Is there social distancing on the tour?

No, the tour takes place in outdoor places so social distancing is not necessary, only the use of masks is mandatory.

  1. Is the tour safe? Is it free of Covid 19?

Yes, the ‘Free Tour Cusco’ is safe because it takes place in open spaces. It also complies with all safety protocols against the spread of Covid 19.

  1. Is the use of masks mandatory after a pandemic?

No, after the repeal of the mandatory prevention rules against Covid 19, the use of masks will be optional.

  1. Does the tour enter closed places?

No, the ‘Free Tour Cusco’ takes place in open places free of crowds that can cause contagion against Covid 19.

  1. Can someone with cold symptoms do the tour?

No, people with cold symptoms should avoid taking the ‘Free Tour Cusco’ as a prevention measure against Covid 19.

  1. Is there hand disinfection?

Yes, the ‘Free Tour Cusco’ offers hand disinfection when deemed necessary to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

  1. Does the tour comply with the protocols against Covid 19?

Yes, the ‘Free Tour Cusco’ complies with all the protocols against Covid 19, as established by the regulations of Peru.