Maras and Moray in Cusco: How to go with a tour and on my own?

Maras and Moray are two of the main tourist attractions of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. They are famous for their beautiful landscapes and Inca history. You can get there with a tour and on your own. You can even go by ATV. In this article you will know how much all the options cost you. So you can choose better during your trip to Cusco. Let’s get started!

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Did you know that Maras and Moray are two of the best landscapes on the trip to Cusco? To get to know these places, you can hire the famous half-day ‘Maras – Moray’ tour. Another option is to go on your own. Honestly, going on your own is difficult because of the many transportation services that you must hire. An adventurous option is to do the tour to Maras and Moray by ATV. This famous tour costs from 30 to 40 dollars per visitor. There are even cheaper services but they offer a lower quality service. It’s up to you, traveling friend.

What is Maras? What to see?

Maras is an Andean town located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is famous for its church, its colonial portals and for its peaceful country life. However, its two most striking tourist attractions are definitely the Salineras de Maras and the circular platforms of Moray. Have you heard of them? In this article you will learn more!

The Salineras de Maras are hundreds of salt pools naturally formed thousands of years ago. The Incas and their ancestors took advantage of this salt. Of course it was also commercialized in colonial times. Today the residents of Maras and their communities are the ones who take advantage of this treasure.

But what most attracts the attention of the salt mines are their beautiful landscapes, like a work of art. Tourists come there to take those unforgettable photos. Others want to buy their famous pink salt, very rare in the world.

Then the salt mines of Maras offer an incredible landscape, a lot of history and a very rare product that is very attractive to visitors. This place is located 50 kilometers from the city of Cusco. Very close!

What is Moray? What to see?

Moray is also one of the best tourist attractions in the town of Maras. Surely you have been able to observe photos of Moray on social networks. It is a much photographed place for its rare beauty. Actually it is a set of circular platforms, some very large. It looks like a huge amphitheater made by the Incas!

Moray is only 8 kilometers from the town of Maras. From the city of Cusco it is reached on a trip of 47 kilometers. In the place there are about 3 circular platforms. What’s that? There the Incas cultivated products that could not be cultivated in normal situations. Each terrace within the circle offered a different microclimate. It is said that even there the coca leaf was produced!

Moray as well as the Salineras de Maras is very photographed by tourists. Both tourist attractions are included in the half-day ‘Maras – Moray’ tour. Of course you can also go on your own. Below you will learn more about how to visit them in both ways.

How much does a tour cost?

The tour to Maras and Moray costs between 30 and 40 dollars, depending on the tourism agency you choose.

Beware that these prices include everything: transportation to and from there, tour guide service and, above all, the entrance to both Maras and Moray.

Why is it important that this tour includes everything? There are some services that do not include tickets and, therefore, the price of the tour is lower. Find out well before hiring your tour!

How much does it cost to go on my own?

If you go on your own, the service may cost you a little less. However, the hard part about going without a tour is getting your own transportation.

From the city of Cusco to the town of Maras you can arrive with two trips: from Cusco to the Maras detour (passing through the town of Chinchero) and then with a collective taxi to the town of Maras. These two trips can cost approximately 10 soles.

Once in the town of Maras, you must hire a taxi (better if you come in a group) that will take you to both Maras and Moray. This service can cost you 40 soles or even more.

Finally know that the entrance to the Salineras de Maras costs 10 soles. The entrance to Moray is included in the Cusco Tourist Ticket (at 70 soles). Note that this ticket also includes admission to the archaeological sites of Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero. Take advantage!

A tour guide at each site will cost you approximately 15 soles. You can find one at the entrance door of each place. If you like, hire one, although it is not mandatory. it’s up to you.

Differences, go with a tour or on my own?

Without further ado, this is the summary and difference of the prices of the trip to Maras and Moray, both for the tour and for the route on your own:

Trip to Maras and Moray

With tour

On your own


Yes, it includes

80 S/.


Yes, it includes

50 S/. (aprox).

Tour guide

Yes, it includes

30 S/. (aprox).


Not, it does not include


Total cost

40 USD.

160 S/.

How is the weather in Maras and Moray?

Maras and Moray have temperate and cold climates.

The climate in the Salineras de Maras varies from a maximum of 21ºC. (in the day) and a minimum of 1ºC. (at night). From April to October it doesn’t rain much but the cold is more intense at night. Instead, from November to March get ready for the rains, as they can occur at any time of the day.

The climate on the Inca platforms of Moray is very similar. It varies from a maximum of 22ºC. (in the day) to a minimum of 0ºC. (at night). The rains can occur on any day of the year, although more likely from November to March. Always carry a rain poncho!

More information about the trip to Maras and Moray

An excellent option to your visit to Maras and Moray is to add an ATV adventure. ATV tours also last half a day and cost from US$30 to US$50 per tourist. They include complete transportation, tour guide, entrance to all sites and ATV with gasoline and all the complete equipment.

During your visit to Maras and Moray you can take a tour of the town of Chinchero to see its textile centers and archaeological site (the palace of the Inca Túpac Yupanqui). The entrance to this Inca site is included in the Cusco Tourist Ticket, the same one that allows the entrance to Moray. It also includes access to Pisac and Ollantaytambo. How much? 70 Peruvian soles. Take advantage!

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